Take your passion to help others and join us. Together, let's end hunger and transform lives here in Canada and around the world.

Kids Against Hunger Canada (KAHC) is a registered Canadian humanitarian charity that is headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario. The organization engages community members to be a part of the solution to address hunger, both in Canada and around the world. Our supporters donate, fundraise, create and participate in the packaging of our highly-nutritious, life-saving meal packs.

Each meal pack contains a full day’s nutrition for six people. The food ingredients include rice, fortified vegetable protein, dehydrated vegetables and a special blend of 21 vitamins & minerals.

These food packs are shipped to reliable feeding partners who provide our meals to Canadians and to people of developing and needy countries around the world.

Kids Against Hunger Canada targets a minimum of one-third of the food locally here in Canada providing meals to food banks, shelters, reserves, the Salvation Army and other food programs. The remainder of our food gets shipped abroad to emergency-crisis areas and underdeveloped countries in need.

Our Mission

To engage Canadians, especially youth, in helping to feed those who are hungry, malnourished & starving  in Canada and around the world.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

  1. Feed the Hungry, Malnourished & Starving | We feed the hungry and malnourished & reverse the starvation process in Canada and around the world, using simple, yet nutritionally powerful food that is carefully packaged and sealed. We make sure it gets shipped to needy areas by working with distribution partners of high integrity and capability that can distribute the food directly;
  2. Create, Engage & Maintain Community | We engage our volunteers, supporters and donors to work together in a fun way to make a difference by contributing financially, volunteering with packaging the nutritious food that will feed large numbers of people in need, raising awareness, hosting food packing events of their own, and starting satellites to be able to feed more people in more regions. We meet Canadians’ need for meaning and contribution;
  3. Increase Our Food Supply Network | Our goal is to set up satellites (food packing centres) across Canada, in every major city and province, to spearhead community volunteer packaging to increase our food packing and supplying capability.

Our Food

Our revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. One package provides six nutrition complete servings, and this box contains 216 meals.

Our food consists of:




Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP)

  • high-quality white rice
  • texturized vegetable protein - 52% protein
  • blend of 6 dehydrated vegetables
  • 21 vitamins & minerals


The need for nutritional food has never been greater, both locally and abroad. Covid-19 has made the situation even more critical. We need ongoing monthly partner/sponsors.






Donate today to become a part of the solution to world hunger. Your contribution does make a difference to the children and families in need by giving them a real chance at a healthy, thriving and productive life that all people deserve.

Make a donation through our web site. Click here to donate now. https://www.kahcanada.org/donate/

As a non-profit organization we raise all our funds from the generosity of individual donors, corporations, small businesses, churches, synagogues, and foundations. Put simply, the more money we receive from donors, the more children we can feed.

When making your donation, you have the option of making it as a tribute gift or in memory of someone. Once your donation has been made, you will receive an email receipt. Any amount given over $20.00 is tax deductible.

You can also donate supplies and services in kind. Contact us at info@kahcanada.org for more information.

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