What We Do

We package and ship highly nutritious, life-saving meals to the hungry, starving and malnourished within Canada and developing countries around the world by mobilizing the energy and caring of Canadian youth and adults on behalf of those in need.

Kids Against Hunger Canada seeks to end hunger, but also to fill a need among involved Canadians- a need for meaning, community and contribution. Our food packing events are all about having fun with like-minded members of the community, while actively conquering the challenges of world hunger by packaging the highly nutritious food ingredients. We strive to minimize our administration costs so the maximum amount of your donations are going straight into the feeding program.

Our impact

Thanks to your donations and volunteer efforts, Kids Against Hunger Canada has shipped food to more than 19 countries and has packed  over 4 million meals in total to date.

We work with other organizations that are seeking long term solutions to the systemic causes of hunger. We aim to help move our recipients and their families beyond the state of starvation to total self-sufficiency through an increase in health and wellness from our meals.

Kids Against Hunger Canada targets a minimum of one-third of the food locally here in Canada providing meals to food banks, shelters, reserves in northern Canada, the Salvation Army and other food programs. The remainder of our food gets shipped abroad to emergency-crisis areas and underdeveloped countries in need.

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