Each box contains 216 highly-nutritious meals

Kids Against Hunger Canada (KAHC) is a registered Canadian humanitarian charity that is headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario. The organization engages community members to be a part of the solution to address hunger, both in Canada and around the world. Our supporters donate, fundraise, create and participate in the packaging of our highly-nutritious, life-saving meal packs.

Each meal pack contains a full day’s nutrition for six people. The food ingredients include rice, fortified vegetable protein, dehydrated vegetables and a special blend of 21 vitamins & minerals. This food can reverse malnutrition in as little as 3 months.

Several times a year we host food-packing events, where volunteers come together as individuals or teams to pack food, usually in a 2-hour time period.  We constantly get feedback on how fun and rewarding it is!

These food packs are then shipped to reliable feeding partners who provide our meals to Canadians and to people of developing and needy countries around the world.

Kids Against Hunger Canada targets a minimum of one-third of the food locally here in Canada providing meals to food banks, shelters, reserves, the Salvation Army and other food programs. The remainder of our food gets shipped abroad to emergency-crisis areas and underdeveloped countries in need.

Tony gets a little emotional…

Our agent in Haiti for 14 years, Tony Jones, has been receiving our food and seeing the difference it makes. Here he is thanking volunteers who came together to pack the food.

Can you imagine boiling bark for your children to eat? Even now Tony still gets emotional about it.

Watch this 1 min video.

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Hungry children need you!

hungry children need you
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